Which skills lie within your employees?

Talent Management

Which skills lie within your employees? What are individual strengths and weaknesses? staffminer creates transparency and lays the foundation for the targeted development of your employees. 

Organizational Analysis

To what extend are current and future requirements covered by your workforce's competencies? Do targets and actual organizational structures match? Detect future bottlenecks and current overcapacity equally. 

Internal Job Market

Are the most capable employees deployed to the most suitable positions? How can open positions and projects be swiftly staffed internally? Leverage staffminer to increase internal career mobility and retain your key talents.


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Key features at a glance.

The Profile.

Individual employee profiles based on skills, qualifications and professional experience. Shows individual strengths and room for improvement. Serves the identification of internal career opportunities and enables the targeted development of your employees.

The Analysis.

Multidimensional analysis of your organization. Does your organization have the right skill set to be ready for the future? Does it feature the correct mix regarding hierarchy levels, roles, etc.? Shows potential bottlenecks and current overcapacity.

The Market.

Intelligent job market. Supports you in the internal staffing of open positions and projects. By automatically identifying suitable employees or via specific employee search. Boosts internal job mobility and creates company internal career opportunities for your talents.

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